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Premiere Fishing in Icy Strait Alaska. No one knows fishing on Icy Strait better than South Passage outfitters.

Peggy McDonald and Dennis Montgomery met in San Francisco in 1984 because of mutual friends and relatives. The theory of "opposites attract" was well tested and they married in 1986. The pair established a home outside of Port Townsend, Washington. Peg freelanced theatrical set design from there in the winter while they continued Dennis's occupation of commercial fisherman in Southeast Alaska for the summer season. They were both hopeless romantics at the time. Their motto: "It is better to be scared than bored".

Annie was born in 1988 and the twins, Alice and Rosemary, came along in 1993. Life got busy! The decision to start South Passage Outfitters came out of the idea that we could work better as a family off the ocean but still spend our summers in Alaska. The romance with Alaska endures. We continue to attract guests that are independent travelers, hopeless romantics and adventurers. Our return customers tell us we are on to something. We have a lot of laughs in the cookhouse while our kids enjoy the company, practice their card skills, and teach our guests about the flora, fauna, and wildlife surrounding Gull Cove. We hope you will also come as a guest and return as a friend.



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