Icy Strait Alaska Adventure

Whether you are fishing, kayaking, or camping on the Icy Strait of Alaska, we're your base camp for adventure. Explore the possibilities below, or learn more about our location and accommodations.

At South Passage Outfitters we offer several ways for you to explore the Icy Strait of Alaska on your own or with a guide. We supply the tools you need to explore this beautiful area.

Fishing Icy Strait Alaska

Great salmon fishing starts 20 feet from the dock and just gets better. We have local runs of King Salmon in May and June with summer runs hitting the coast right through September. Cohos, Sockeye, Chums, and Pinks pass through during the months from mid June to September and are fished in about 20 different locations. You will fish the local hot spots around Gull Cove and Cross Sound or you will skiff to Icy Point or Cape Cross on the outside coast.

Troll most of the time but mooching salmon is often effective in this area because there are so many currents. Jig Halibut in shallower water from July on. Fish them where the bottom is sloped and rocky. Serious sport fishermen can always come up with a Halibut any time of the year. You can freeze your prime catch and pack it home in our fish boxes. We keep the smoker going while you fish.

Fly fishing the Icy Strait

Fly fish for Pinks and Chums in the stream 1/4 of a mile from your cabin or skiff up to the Trail River for Coho. There are several other lakes and rivers around to fish Steelhead, Sockeye, and Coho. Saltwater fly fishing is as yet undeveloped in this area since so many fish are available through trolling. There is great potential with feed balls close to shore and serious fish gathering tide rips. We know the hot spots on the coast where King Salmon run "size extra large" and the water is clear.

Our Skiffs

In Southeast Alaska a good skiff is as valuable as a car in L.A. "Ya got to have wheels." Our 18 foot Lunds with 40 hp Yamaha outboards and 6 hp kickers are the perfect combination. They are small enough to be fast and economical, but big enough to be fast and safe.

Fish three rods or transport four people and camping gear with no problem. Keep contact with us at Gull Cove and your partners in the other boats with installed VHF radios. Keep track of your depth with Furuno fathometers and your location with a GPS.

Fish locally or out on the coast with confidence in these seaworthy Lunds. Wear our overall skiff suits and keep warm, dry, and safe. Bring someone who is experienced with this type of boat if you are not. Every day will be filled with something new and exciting no matter where you go.

Kayaking Icy Strait Alaska

Paddle as far as you feel like in our seaworthy Eddyline sea kayaks. Take day trips from Gull Cove up Idaho Inlet, to Mud Bay and Point Adolphus, or cross over to the Inian Islands to camp overnight.

We resupply parties on longer trips and are always available to help. If you want a guide for a few days and then go on your own, we can arrange that also. Explore the Tongass National forest as we have a Special Use Permit to operate there.

You will take our first aid kits, VHF radios, and PFD's, along with spray skirts and Swift paddles. Paddle at your own pace and find your peace of the wilderness.

Camping in Icy Strait Alaska

South Passage Outfitters is available to shuttle you to your favorite camping spot or a new one. Kayaking is also a typical Alaska mode of transporting yourself to a remote island paradise.

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