Assumption of Risk and Release of Claims

I acknowledge that boating and camping in the waters and on the land in the vicinity of Gull Cove will expose me and those who accompany me to the possibility of injury, death, illness, and disease. The dangers I will be exposed to include but are not limited to inclement weather, cold water, rough seas, strong currents, difficult navigation, collisions with other vessels or obstructions, capsizing, strong winds, large wakes, engine problems, fuel problems, leaks, equipment breakage, and the lack of prompt medical assistance. I am also aware of extreme local hazards, specifically the Inian Passes and the Cape Spencer Rip. I acknowledge that at certain times and places the current is so strong that I will be unable to keep from being swept down current into an area of increasing danger. I am also aware that Brown Bear, Black Bear, Wolves and other dangerous animals inhabit land areas and that dangerous marine mammals such as Humpback Whales, Orca Whales, Stellar Sealions, and others inhabit the waters where I will sail. I acknowledge that poisonous gasses may come from outboard engines, wood stoves, and or camp stoves. In full recognition of these and other dangers and in consideration for the use of the equipment rented to me by South Passage Outfitters, I make this agreement.

Before departing on any kayak, skiff or other vessel rented from South Passage Outfitters I will carefully examine it for seaworthiness and assure myself that it is fully fit for my intended use of it. I will carefully examine any other equipment I am renting from South Passage Outfitters and assure myself that it is fully functional for my intended use of it. I will familiarize myself fully with the waters in which I intend to sail and the shores on which I intend to land. By accepting and using vessels and equipment rented from South Passage Outfitters I am expressly agreeing that I have fully accepted the vessels and equipment, that the vessels are seaworthy and that the vessels and equipment are fit for their intended purpose. I expressly agree to accept and assume all responsibility and risk arising from my use of vessels and equipment rented from South Passage Outfitters and from the risks inherent in boating, traveling and camping in the Gull Cove area.

I hereby release and forever discharge South Passage Outfitters, its owners, employees, agents and guides from any and all claims including claims of negligence or unseaworthiness which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my rental of a kayak, skiff or other vessel from South Passage Outfitters, and from any and all claims, including claims of negligence that arise out of my rental of a cabin, camping or other equipment from South Passage Outfitters or with my engagement of South Passage Outfitters for guide services. I understand that I am releasing all claims for injury, death, illness, disease and damage of any kind to myself or to my property. I agree to hold harmless and defend, reimburse and indemnify South Passage Outfitters and the other released parties from any liability arising out of negligence or unseaworthiness or any of the other causes of action released above that may be brought by any minor child or ward of mine. I further agree to hold harmless and defend, reimburse and indemnify South Passage Outfitters and the other released parties for any claims brought by third parties, such as insurance carriers, health care providers, or governmental entities, for reimbursement or other damages as a result of payments to you or on your behalf for any injury or damages you may have suffered.

I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing before signing it, understand its terms and sign it as my free and voluntary act.


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